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Custom Glass Showers, Glass Railings and Mirror Glass in Lloydminster & Edmonton

Integrating glass throughout your home has become extremely popular over the last few years; from custom glass tabletops, shower doors and more in Edmonton to patterned or clear glass in your kitchen cabinets. Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. in Lloydminster can help you with all your ideas – big or small. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Count on us for all your custom glass product requirements in Edmonton.  

At Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd., we turn your dreams into reality with our custom glass products. We design glass products that suit the décor of your home. Whether you need a custom glass shower enclosure, a glass railing, or mirror glass, we specially design everything for you in Lloydminster and Edmonton.

Custom Glass Showers in Lloydminster and Edmonton

Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. is your trusted provider of high-quality, beautiful shower glass doors, fixtures and hardware. Imagine enjoying the pleasant warmth of the showering waters in an expertly installed enclosure of heavy 10mm tempered glass that is mounted directly to the wall and accented with beautiful hardware. Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. sources only the best hardware available, and thanks to our many years of experience, we are qualified to provide innovative solutions and quality products to our customers that will last for many years to come.

The installation of a frameless glass shower provides a level of sophistication, comfort and convenience not offered by traditional shower enclosures and will dramatically increase the resale value of your home. 

Frameless glass shower doors provide a very appealing sightline and allow you to:

Swing doors in and out for easier entry and exit
Choose from nearly unlimited configuration and application options
Receive professional installation

We can also add EnduroShield to your frameless glass shower. EnduroShield is a factory-applied glass coating that reduces the frequency for cleaning, repels water and protects the surface from staining. . It also enables much easier cleaning of your shower glass products.

Master Bath with Large Mirror and Reflections

Mirror Glass

Mirrors are one of the most common uses of glass. When used effectively, they can improve the appearance of a room and make it appear bigger. Wherever you need mirror glass, Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. can provide it. We offer many types of mirrors, and installation services in Lloydminster and Edmonton, some of which include:

Wall mirrors
Fitness room mirrors
Bathroom mirrors

We can also provide custom bevelled mirrors to fit any interior design and add depth and light to small spaces.

modern glass table in the lift interior

Custom Glass Tabletops

We believe that your home's decor should reflect your aesthetic sense. Our custom glass tabletops in Edmonton let you make that happen. We offer high-quality glass tabletops, each cut uniquely to meet your table shape. Custom glass tabletops provide a look that is both elegant and modern. What sets them apart is that we can fully personalize them to meet the look of your home. You can use our custom glass for various types of tables such as:

Coffee tables
Dining tables
Boardroom tables

Over the years, we have provided custom glass tabletops to countless customers. Our experience, skills, and equipment enable us to meet your requests efficiently.


Why Choose Glass Tabletops?

Custom glass tabletops are an excellent addition to most kinds of decor. They come with numerous benefits, some of which include:

What makes custom glass tabletops attractive to homeowners is the versatility they offer. They come in diverse colours, shapes and styles that are all customizable. Not only that, but you can take a pick from many kinds of glass to suit your needs.



Apart from enhancing the look of your furniture, glass tabletops protect it. These tabletops shield your furniture from dust and damage without masking its beauty. The glass that we provide is durable and protects your tables from scratches.


By themselves, glass tabletops provide a classy and elegant look to your furniture. You can further customize them to reflect your taste and truly make them your own.

Illusion of space

Another great benefit of glass tabletops is that they create the look of additional space. They do this by reflecting the light in the room, making it appear larger.

Ease of maintenance

Cleaning a glass tabletop is extremely simple. All you have to do is wipe it with a cloth and a glass cleaner, or just water. Moreover, when chipped or cracked, glass tabletops are easy to replace.

There are many reasons to add a glass tabletop to your home. They go well in almost every room, and with several table-types. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss our custom glass tabletops in Edmonton.

Glass Railing in Lloydminster and Edmonton

Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. offers custom application glass railing and post systems by C. R. Laurence that combine modern styling with structural integrity. The glass panels are 10mm (3/8”) or 12 mm (1/2”) tempered safety glass for your protection. The post and railing framing is structurally engineered for safety and durability and is available in a variety of colours. Glass railings can create a totally new look for any living space that accentuates a feeling of beauty and an appearance of quality.


Contact Us Today

Choose our custom glass products in Lloydminster & Edmonton and beautify your interiors. This is a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain method to enhance the aesthetic value of your home. 


For more information about the custom glass products we offer or to schedule a service appointment, please contact our office.

Bring your custom glass projects to life with our help in Lloydminster and Edmonton.

Great Customer Service

We provide different custom glass products, but what remains consistent is our excellent customer service. We offer a hands-on approach to every customer like you who visits us. We assess your unique demands and budget to provide you with personalized custom glass products. The staff at Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. prides itself on our high-quality products. We use premium glass and design your custom products with complete attention to detail. We are always available to attend to your needs and are transparent about our services and prices.


Update Your Home with Custom Glass in Lloydminster and Edmonton

See what our custom glass shower doors can do for your bathroom renovation.

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