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Commercial Glass Repair and Services in Lloydminster & Edmonton

Glass has become an integral part of buildings both for structural functions and aesthetic requirements. But it is also prone to accidents and damages. Whether you require new construction or a renovation to your existing storefront, Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. can provide drawings, fabrication, project management, installation, and commercial glass repair in Lloydminster and Edmonton.

Our technicians are well trained and knowledgeable. We are very passionate about the glass and aluminum projects we do, and our hands-on experience will provide you with the quality and professionalism you expect.

Emergency Services

Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. in Lloydminster and Edmonton provides emergency after-hours service should you or your business experience an unforeseen accident.

Our Services in Lloydminster and Edmonton

Services provided by Creative Glass & Aluminum Ltd. include, but are not limited to the following:

Aluminum storefronts
Glass railings
Entrances and automatic entrances
Curtain walls
Security grilles
Roll shutters
Partition systems
Sealed units
Laminated, safety and tempered glass
Structural glazing
Office building interior view

If you need to repair your storefront glass or want to revamp your entrance, contact us for commercial glass repair and services in Edmonton and Lloydminster. We provide the best quality glass products to enhance your overall experience. We can provide same-day services so your business doesn’t get affected.

Personal Protection Barriers

We are offering options to all businesses that need to improve protection for their staff and customers. We can provide and install glass and plexiglass custom personal protection barriers for your service counters, shipping/receiving counters or any other area in order to keep everyone safe. Additionally, we are available for any commercial or residential glass needs you may have.

Security grille in the mall
IIF Mobil Flex

Folding and Sliding Security Grilles

Folding security closures are widely specified for use within enclosed retail and public environments. For instance: retail malls, airport terminals, superstores, in-store concession, countertop and bar, bank lobbies & ATM areas, kiosks, museums, schools and public buildings.

The tempered glass model offers excellent visibility and exceptional protection. Perfect for banks and stores or any other location requiring both maximum visibility and secure closing.

The Impact model is a high impact resistant and surprisingly light closure, the 1/16” thick Polycarbonate panels provide remarkable impact resistance in a surprisingly light package.

These lightweight folding grilles match any decor. They are custom made and are available with many different options to suit your needs.

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Bring your custom glass project ideas to life with our help in Edmonton and Lloydminster.


Protect Your Display Cases

Increase safety and security with tempered glass for your display cases and storefronts.

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